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Architectural Visualization | Professional Work 2018

The following work is from freelance work with ArcheanLight and current employer Visualhouse. All my contribution to the images is noted.

Marvin supan maincam r01

Studio: Archean Light
Duties: Modeler
Project: Dunn 18
Description: This is an "Unofficial" rendering of the project. This is my personal take of the model I did. Scene is fully CG.

Marvin supan c02 r01

Camera 2 of Dunn 18.

Marvin supan c05 roof garden r03 final vh

Client: Brookfield Properties - SoNo

On this project, I did some modeling work on the hardscaping and landscaping using forest pack. Fitted furniture for the interior, placement of 3D/2D people in the scene and post in PS.

Client: Client: RXR - Starret Lehigh 360 Panoramic

360 View of the Restaurant area. I fitted the scene with FF&E, layout and camera. This was also a collaborative effort with the team.

Marvin supan rx013 starrett lehigh market int 1to1 kiosk bar area redfarm2

Client: RXR - Starret Lehigh

I created a kiosk that is based from the restaurant's signature interior design. Most of the 3D props were outsourced. I did model the structure, design, lighting and composition.

Marvin supan wm001 the hamilton ground floor lobby fd vh

Client: Commonwealth - The Hamilton - Lobby

First project I was involved in from start to finish. Camera layout, lighting, materials, and post process in Photoshop.

Marvin supan wip1

Work in progress.
This is an unofficial rendering of the modeling work I did for ArcheanLight in 2018.